PAL Turbine Services offers a cadre of GE-trained field service and factory engineers, who collectively have over 500 Years of Experience in the power industry. No other turbine services provider offers the depth and breadth of Gas and Steam Turbine Technical Expertise as the PAL engineering staff. We technically advise client-owners of GE-manufactured power plants, resolving problems during planned and forced outages, as well as overseeing mechanical and fuel system upgrades.

Gas Turbine Engineering Services

gas_iconPAL Turbine Services, LLC has provided technical advisory (TA) services since 1999 on many GE model series... FIND OUT MORE

Steam Turbine Engineering Services

steam_iconPAL Turbine Services, LLC has provided technical advisory (TA) services on GE produced steam power plants, with GE-trained engineers, for over a decade... FIND OUT MORE

Generator Engineering Services

generator-iconPAL has often been asked to support generator field engineering services, particularly when gas or steam turbine outages are planned. Also, when generator faults are suspected or actually detected, inspections often require disassembly. This includes removal of the generator rotor, repair by a service shop, reassembly and alignment of the related components... FIND OUT MORE

Center for New Tech Turbine Upgrades

PAL Turbine Services, LLC has opened a new service facility in Glenville, NY.  The location is Building 202, A-Street at the Glenville Business & Technology Park.  It is called: Center for NewTech Turbine Upgrades.  At this location, we will be performing Conversions, Modifications & Upgrades (CM&U) to two General Electric MS5001N gas turbines and generators... FIND OUT MORE

Conversions, Modifications & Upgrades

con-mod-iconPAL Turbine Services, LLC assists clients in the installation and start-up of other manufacturer's products applied to General Electric gas and steam turbines... FIND OUT MORE

PAL Mobile Engineering Services

mobile-iconPAL MOBILE, a division of PAL Turbine Services, has a team of experienced mechanical and electrical personnel who have been exclusively trained to do turbine overhauls and field modifications by the staff of PAL Turbine Services, LLC... FIND OUT MORE